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Dirty Bathroom Tab — Bathroom Reglazing Service in Hilldale, PA
Bathroom Tab After Reglazing — Bathroom Reglazing Service in Hilldale, PA
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Bathroom Resurfacing, Refinishing, and Reglazing Services

Metro Refinishing has been doing business based out of Astoria New York
Twelve years providing everything from tub refinishing to sink resurfacing. Serving the entire Metropolitan New York City area, Nassau, and Lower Westchester with bathtub re-glazing, we provide services for commercial and residential applications.
Sink — Sink Resurfacing in Hilldale, PA
Bathroom Fixtures
Bathtub reglazing and re-grouting services save you money from replacing your old fixtures by improving them instead. We make those items look new again while giving your bathroom a more updated look.

We refinish bathtubs, tiles, and sinks to improve the value of your property without tearing down walls. Our expert re-glazing mechanics transform an ugly fixture into a new, non-porous, smooth glossy finished fixture in a matter of hours.
Refinishing, Resurfacing, and Reglazing
These terms are used interchangeably and mean the same thing—a process to make old, worn-out porcelain fixtures look new again. We apply several layers of our exclusive porcelain bonding material over the old surface. Our reglazing products are backed by an unconditional guarantee. Should damage occur, which is highly unlikely, we repair the fixture at no extra charge to you.
Refinishing Services
Let us restore your whole bathroom. We refinish all makes of bathtubs including antique claw-foot bathtubs. Damaged pedestal and porcelain sinks are easily restored and reglazed. We also repair and refinish fiberglass bathtubs, tub liners, and shower stall floors. Restoration and reglazing of ceramic and metal tiles to any color are available as well.

Contact us to schedule your sink or bathtub reglazing needs.